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Project description

The purpose of the project is to assess and evaluate how effective is NRW in the delivery of its responsibilities’ under the Equality Act (2010) in outdoor environments and related built environment settings.  This will be achieved by undertaking a series of audits by a team of experts across the equality spectrum using questionnaires, national access guidelines and previous experience of the audit team.

Aims & Objectives

To review current NRW policy and practice regarding equal access to its sites

To identify related projects & initiatives in other organisations

To design an auditing framework & methodology

To use the audit to establish a protocol for the physical and mental access requirements for visitor centres and NRW sites

To carry out a series of audits to assess the various barriers, existing good practice, suitability of sites, communications strategy, etc

To make recommendations to NRW on how they should improve access under the Equality Act

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) -

Equality Impact Assessment Project