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Eureauweb is pleased to be working with:

ABC Boat Hire

ABC boat Hire, the largest independent hire company in the UK, were key players in the development of the original 'Water-Way' PC application from which the WaterNav apps were derived.  

ABC offer cruises from an extensive range of bases throughout the UK,

River Canal Rescue

RCR have now taken over the apps and have re-launched them under the new WaterNav banner.

RCR, the only national waterway breakdown service in the UK, were also staunch supporters of the original 'Water-Way' product, using it in-house as an aid to tracking their customer locations in emergencies.

RCR members get a free WaterNav region as part of their membership package! If you are already a member and haven't got your free copy yet, just contact us with your RCR membership number; if you are not a member why not join RCR now - for cruising peace of mind and a lot more benefits?


Bases at:

1 - Aldermaston

2 - Alvechurch

3 - Blackwater Meadow

4 - Gailey

5 - Gayton

6 - Goytre Wharf

7 - Hilperton

8 - Rugby

9 - Union Wharf

10 - Whitchurch

11 - Worcester

12 - Wrenbury

..and also at Falkirk in Scotland

Scottish Canals

Scottish Canals are the authority responsible for looking after the 137 miles of Scottish canals, conserving them as part of Scotland’s heritage, and transforming them to play a vital role in Scotland today.  

The traditional image of brick-lined canals navigated by 2 metre-wide narrowboats belongs to the early waterways which characterise England, but not Scotland. Scotland's canals are a unique group because of their large size and because they represent the full suite of canal innovation throughout the 'canal age'; from the spectacular Caledonian Canal running through the Great Glen and some of Scotland’s most beautiful and stunning scenery to the cross country Forth & Clyde and Union Canals which boast the magnificent Falkirk Wheel and now the beautiful ‘Kelpies’ sculpture at the Helix.

RCR is now working with Scottish Waterways to use the WaterNav apps Scotland editions to provide a direct feedback to SC from users about damage, hazards, accidents, etc. To this end all Scottish Waterways licence holders are eligible for a free version of the Scottish Region app.

Seaskills Inland Waterways are based in Scotland on the Forth and Clyde canal.  They provide training on a 57 foot wide-beam canal boat but are also happy to provide tuition on clients own vessels as long as they are suitable and will travel to the clients location of choice if required.

They offer a range of inland waterways related tuition including the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman course, Inland Waterways Crew Course and international CEVNI certification.

They have been major contributors to the original e-canalmapps Scotland and continue to be very supportive in both Sea Skills and RYA activities.

Sea Skills Auchinstarry